IIAS Lunch Lecture

Jaina epistemologists in the debating hall of classical India

Lecture by Gonda fellow Marie-Hélène Gorisse.

In classical India, philosophers from different traditions built a common area of discussion within which an agreement on philosophical issues could in principle be achieved. The frame of such discussions is an inferential reasoning whose structure is such that it ensures that its conclusions are recognised as knowledge statements, irrespective of the obedience of the interlocutor. In this line, stories of conversion following those philosophical debates are commonplace in the different traditions.

Now, the characterisation of this inferential reasoning raised the question of the existence of shared principles and was a battle-field for the philosophers to establish their own conceptions on the constitution of the world and on our ability to know it.

In this lecture, Dr Gorisse will present the conception of the 11th c. Jaina author Prabhācandra, focusing on its divergence with the ones developed in Buddhism at the same period.

About IIAS Lunch Lectures

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