Indian Ocean Studies strategic workshop

In connection with the Second International Conference ‘Africa-Asia, a New Axis of Knowledge’ (Dar es Salaam, 20-22 September 2018), co-organized by A-Asia, ICAS and UDSM, a strategic workshop focusing on Indian Ocean Studies will be organized in Zanzibar on 17-18 September.

Engaging with the increasing scholarly enthusiasm in the field, the Zanzibar workshop intends to create an inclusive platform for scholars, institutions and collectives interested in the interdisciplinary studies of the maritime littoral from within the region and beyond. It seeks to develop a more unified agenda for scholarly initiatives occurring across the Indian Ocean region, and to commence a series of annual Indian Ocean conventions.

Immediately after the workshop, participating institutions will take part in the International Conference in Dar es Salaam, where they will present to the academic community the outlines of the discussions held in Zanzibar. They will also use the large-scale platform to sponsor a number of panels, roundtables and book launches on the theme of the Indian Ocean. Together, the two events can provide a roadmap for future reflections and initiatives: exploration of the conceptual, disciplinary and organizational boundaries of the Indian Ocean World and development of new strategies to strengthen scholarly ties between institutions in the region and with outside partners, and to address these issues collaboratively.

More informatin to follow.