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Empty Home. Making a Home in Rapidly Urbanising China (film and lecture)

A lunch lecture with short film by Willy Sier (University of Amsterdam) and Sanderien Verstappen (Leiden University).

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In contemporary China, cities are growing fast with large-scale investments in urban housing to accommodate rural-urban migration. What does house ownership mean to families in the midst of a rural-urban transition? How do rural-urban migrants make a home in a new city while also remaining connected with the village of origin, and with relatives in other Chinese cities?

The short film "Empty Home" introduces Wendy, a young rural-urban migrant in Wuhan, the provincial capital of China's Hubei province. Whilst taking the viewer on a tour of her family home, a flat on the outskirts of the gigantic city, Wendy reflects on the meaning of ‘home’ within a context of intense mobility and rapid transformation.

The film is based on PhD research conducted by anthropologist Willy Sier among rural-urban student migrants in Wuhan, China. Willy will give a short introductory talk to contextualise the film. Sanderien Verstappen will discuss the filmmaking process. In the discussion, everybody is welcomed to offer their reflections on the puzzles presented in the film.

Willy Sier is a PhD student at the Amsterdam School for Social Science research, University of Amsterdam. Previously, she studied Chinese and lived in China for 8 years.

Sanderien Verstappen is a postdoctoral researcher in the Anthropology of Modern South Asia at Leiden University (LIAS), and a fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS). Previously, she was a lecturer in (visual) anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.



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