The Cultural Heritages of Asia and Europe: Global Challenges and Local Initiatives

Roundtable discussion in preparation for the 4th ASEM Culture Ministers' Meeting (8-11 September 2010, Poznan, Poland).

Convenors: Sabina Santarossa (ASEF) and Philippe Peycam (IIAS)

The Roundtable, The cultural heritages of Asia and Europe: global challenges and local initiatives is being co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation and the International Institute of Asian Studies.  

The two-day Roundtable will bring together academic and civil society experts from Asia and Europe to openly discuss the multifaceted aspects of cultural heritage and the various challenges experienced. The objective is to recommend concrete, contextualised strategies towards development and social empowerment through cultural heritage.  The recommendations from the Roundtable will be presented at the Fourth ASEM Culture Ministers' Meeting (8-11 September 2010, Poznan, Poland), which will focus on the theme of “Heritage and the Challenges of the Present”.  

Specific objectives of the Roundtable include:

  • To discuss key issues related to heritage, of relevance to civil society and possible co-operation between Asia and Europe in this specific field;

  • To enable sharing of experiences related to sustainable policies and practices related to heritage management and awareness;

  • Drawing from the agenda of the political meeting, to reflect on the work of civil society actors in heritage and reaffirm the value of their contribution in this field;

  • To reflect recommendations on heritage issues to policy makers at the Fourth ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meeting; and,

  • To seek closer interaction between educational / scholarly institutions and grass-root initiatives in cultural heritage activities.

In cooperation with:
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