Changing Governance in Asia

Informal workshop at the Erasmus University, during which we also say farewell to IIAS Professor Tak-Wing Ngo who held the endowed chair Asian Studies at Erasmus University for eight years. It is also a good opportunity to meet with the Global History Cluster at the history faculty, Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication (ESHCC ).

The workshop

Most Asian countries have experienced radical social transformation in the past decades. Some have undergone democratization, yet are still plagued by problems of political instability, official malfeasance, and weak administration. Others have embraced market liberalization, but are threatened by rampant rent seeking and business capture. Without exception, they all face the challenge of effective governance. 

The workshop will explore the problem of governance from an Asian perspective. It seeks to locate the issue of governance within specific meanings of rule and order, structures of political authority, and mobilization of institutional resources distinctive to the Asian context. It explores the changes in institutional setups and practices that shape emerging politic-economic and social orders in Asia. 


13.00 Welcome coffee/drinks

13.30 Introduction: Dr. Bregje van Eekelen

13.40 Dr. Susann Handke: Regional governance in Asia: Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union and China’s One Belt, One Road initiative

14.10 Dr. Maaike Okano Heijmans: China, Europe and Global Economic Governance

14.40 Drs. Chunli Song: Cartel Governance and the Chinese State in Transition.

15.10 BREAK

15.30 Dr. Ward Berenschop --- to be announced

16.00 Prof. Dr. Tak-Wing Ngo: Changing State-Capital Relations in China's Economic Governance.

16.45 Dr. Philippe Peycam (IIAS Director) Prof. Dr. Dick Douwes (Dean ESHCC)

17.00 Drinks