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Call for papers

Call for Papers: Asia in Focus Issue 8

Asia in Focus accepts papers from students and recent graduates.

Submission deadline for publication in Issue 8: 5 April 2018.

Asia in Focus is an entirely free open access publication devoted to research on modern Asian societies from the standpoint of the humanities and the social sciences, with Level 1 ranking in Norway.

Now in its third year of publication, Asia in Focus has published an extremely wide range of subject areas from political economy and societal change, to international relations, popular culture, literature, education, and film.

We demand a high academic standard of our authors, and we give in-depth feedback in order to give extra guidance, more than one might find in a mainstream academic journal. We believe if early career researchers receive good guidance it inspires conficence and a quest for quality.

At Asia in Focus we:

  • Distinguish ourselves from others in the field by publishing brand new and innovative research being produced by Master and PhD students.
  • Operate a double-blind review process, hence the identity of the reviewers and authors are not disclosed to either party.
  • Publish two issues per year and have a short turnaround time for the entire review and publishing process (6 months).

We accept papers from students and recent graduates who are:

  • Master and PhD students and recent graduates thereof (max 2 years prior to submission).
  • In the Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Affiliated to a European university or Institute of higher education.

We welcome submissions of:

  • Academic articles (3150 words minimum, 3850 words maximum)
  • Academic essays (3150 words minimum, 3850 words maximum)
  • Book reviews (1000 words)


Asia in Focus is hosted and published by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies - NIAS at University of Copenhagen.