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24 Hours in Thailand: Express Marriages at the Malaysian-Thai Border

Lunch Lecture by Nurul Huda Mohd Razif, IIAS affiliated fellow from the University of Cambridge, UK

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Malaysia and Thailand’s amicable neighborly relations have become all the more intimate in recent years with the increasing number of Malaysian couples contracting “express marriages” (nikah ekspres) in the predominantly-Muslim region of Southern Thailand.

Thailand enables Malaysian Muslim couples to fulfill various personal and conjugal aspirations by offering quick, affordable, and discreet nikah (marriage) procedures that are Shariah-compliant and endorsed by the Malaysian state itself. It is against Malaysian Shariah Law to marry in Thailand, but these cross-border marriages can be granted legal legitimacy by the Malaysian state if judged as having fulfilled all the requirements of an Islamic marriage.

In this presentation, I attempt to account for the gradual rise in Malay-Muslim cross-border marriages taking place in Southern Thailand. I suggest that the upsurge in this phenomenon is a direct – though unintended – outcome of the Malaysian state’s formalization of the marriage-making process in Thailand – an intervention facilitated by the strengthening collaboration and cooperation between the Malaysian and Thai Islamic bureaucracies. At the same time, changing marriage patterns in Malaysia, as well as a general climate of growing conservatism and intolerance towards pre- or extra-marital intimacy, also make it all the more urgent for couples to be married before being intimate. I thus demonstrate how the desire for “lawful” intimacy can mobilize legal-bureaucratic interventions by the state in Muslims’ intimate lives, which paradoxically allow for the unregulated perpetuation of high-risk marriages such as early monogamy and covert polygyny.

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