Call for submissions

Framing Asia - a monthly screening of films and documentaries

Submissions are possible throughout 2017. There is no official deadline yet, but please contact the organisers as soon as possible if you are interested to participate in the programme.

Framing Asia will be a monthly film screening during the Leiden Asia Year, organised by the KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean), the IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies) and the department CA-DS (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) of University Leiden.

We are looking for anthropological films and documentaries with a special focus on Asia. Selected films will be screened accompanied by a Q&A with the filmmaker and/or discussion with experts on the subject of the film(s).

Framing Asia will award the best films of this series at the end of this year.

Filmmakers, both students and professionals, are encouraged to submit. Please send an email with the title, a description (max. 300 words), a still and a link with the trailer to: steijlen@kitlv.nl and lisezurne@gmail.com.

From February onward, the screenings are planned to be held at Lipsius 28, University Leiden. Our program for the coming sessions will be distributed at the end of this month. Feel free to join us!


7 February 2017: two films on the theme of  Transgender issues in Indonesia
14 March 2017: two films on the theme of Disaster and the failing state
11 April 2017: two films on the theme of Popcultures and Subcultures